ICMus Summer Music Festival 2013 Outreach Programme

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The Festival’s Outreach Programme is now fully underway; three weeks into this year's Outreach Programme and the events are lining up, the word is spreading and the demand for talented musicians is continuing to grow! Events have been well received by schools and care homes alike, with many requesting a second visit. Most recently, we sent some of the department’s finest to Winton Court and Hadrian House care homes in Gateshead to provide entertainment for their Love Your Hen Valentine's party, an event organised by Equal Arts as part of their HenPower project. Residents thoroughly enjoyed the music and were humming along to the well-known 1950s love songs being performed. Future projects include a percussion workshop at a local school, to be given by the wonderful Ladies of Midnight Blue, as well as preparing a concert at Shadon House Dementia Care Centre.

The Outreach Programme has been a way for the Summer Music Festival to branch out, by reaching out! We feel it is an important opportunity for students within ICMuS to engage with the wider community and improve its relationship with our Music department, something we are able to do having secured funding from the ICMuS Student Project Fund during the course of last year. Concerts and workshops have been organised by the Summer Music Festival committee members at care homes and schools with the aim to include, educate, and inspire the local community.

In our first week, students enjoyed playing at Ponteland Manor Care home with solo performance from Tom Lovatt on flute, Hannah Tattersfield on violin and Corinna Philpott on clarinet; and giving a workshop at Wingrove Primary school with demonstrations of the Saxophone by Rebecca Jennings and Faye McCalman, of the guitar by Andrew Taylor and the voice by Jake Hardiment!

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